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Integrated Reconciliation and Optimization

Integrated Reconciliation and Optimization

One of five workshops supporting the core processes for High Performance Integrated Business Planning, Integrated Reconciliation and Optimization is the very engine room of Integrated Business Planning. It is the guardian of the 'one set of numbers' essential to planning and it provides the information that enables effective decision-making at the highest level. This workshop shows Integrated Reconciliation and Optimization allows you to bring together the full, integrated picture and management issues identified in the Product, Demand and Supply Reviews, and to present those succinctly with options and recommendations to the senior executive.  

What is this workshop about?
Integrated Reconciliation and Optimization is what defines Integrated Business Planning as a true business planning process. It is the element of IBP that has lifted the process out of the traditional S&OP activity of tactical demand and supply balancing and transformed it into a fully integrated process that brings alignment around business priorities and effective decision making, so vital in uncertain times. Whether yours is a single site operation or a multi-national corporation with a complex matrix structure, this workshop reveals the critical nature of the Integrated Reconciliation and Optimization process in a modern business planning environment, and how you can design and work an Integrated Reconciliation and Optimization process to suit your own organisation. 

This is a highly interactive workshop that will directly address your challenges and opportunities. You will learn about best practice process integration of business plans, and how to resolve issues arising to re-optimise the business.  Financial Integration is imperative at this level but Integrated Business Optimization goes beyond the numbers to get a real understanding of the key business levers and forces at work, and to model different scenarios to manage any gap between the business strategy and current forward view of business performance; this workshop will show you how.

Who is it for?
This Integrated Reconcilitiation and Optimization workshop is aimed at senior financial executives, Integrated Business Planning and S&OP leaders, and others who are playing a key role in the organisation's Integrated Business Planning process. Delegates should have previously attended the two-day Integrated Business Planning workshop.

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