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Achieving Class A Business Excellence - An Executive's Perspective

Achieving Class A Business Excellence - An Executive's Perspective

Dennis Groves, Kevin Herbert, Jim Correll

£31.50 plus p&p

€41.00 plus p&p

If your company is underperforming or needs to grow, then this is the book for you. Based on the definitive and most trusted industry standard for excellence in business today, Achieving Class A Business Excellence describes the journey to Class A business excellence from the perspective of Greg, a corporate executive facing potentially disastrous business problems.  The authors allow us to look over Greg's shoulder as he confronts and overcomes realistic challenges, beginning with his entry into the company and following him through a series of tribulations to his ultimate success. Learn with Greg as he follows Oliver Wight's renowned Proven Path methodology. Learn how the Proven Path guides his strategic journey to excellence, from major initiatives through everyday improvement programs, and supports achievement of his strategic objectives and goals. Importantly, this realistic depiction shows you how to achieve a comprehensive state of excellence that will enable your company to deliver outstanding and sustainable business results.

While the characters in the book are fictional, the people, the businesses, the situations, the challenges, the conversations, the conflicts, and the outcomes are based upon the authors' experiences, the success of their remarkable clients, and the collective knowledge of their colleagues in The Oliver Wight Companies.

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