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Workshop Programme

Workshop Programme

With continued volatility in global markets, business leaders are now demanding more from their business planning process in the pursuit of enhanced predictability and modelling of potential scenarios. At the same time, Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is evolving and we’ve been helping people understand the journey towards Enterprise Business Planning (EBP); delivering a new level of benefits beyond what the human eye can see, enabled by enhanced analytics and predictive modelling. 

As ownership of the IBP process shifts fundamentally from supply chain to the business leadership, the Oliver Wight programme of workshops has everything you need to begin to prepare your organisation for the future. To this end we have realigned our programme to enable understanding not only of IBP but also its core supporting processes. To get the best value from this new structure, we recommend IBP as the entry point for all delegates, followed by workshops on the supporting processes, according to the specialist area of the individual; for example, “Demand Management Enabling High Performance IBP”, or “Product & Portfolio Optimization Enabling High Performance IBP”, and so on.

Because your organisation’s capability in IBP is impacted by what happens in the short-term, you’ll find workshops for processes that support high performance in the supply chain execution window: “Demand Sensing and Execution” reveals how to take the chaos out of short-term planning, while “Supply Planning” shows you how to take the high-level plan for your business and align your supply points to deliver upon their commitments in the most efficient manner.



Oliver Wight Workshops.
Your structured IBP eductation Programme.


Public workshops are available throughout Europe and South Africa.

For an overview of all our public workshops, dates and locations please download the planner.

Or alternatively you can download our full workshop programme below.

The links on the left hand side provide a description of each workshop.


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Workshop Programme
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Workshop Planner
 Interactive Workshop Programme
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