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3 April 2013

New Oliver Wight brochure kick-starts supply chain improvement

Business improvement specialists, Oliver Wight EAME have released a new brochure for their Supply Chain Design and Optimization programme, which helps organisations improve supply chain processes and achieve optimum performance.

The Oliver Wight Supply Chain Design and Optimization programme addresses the key supply chain issues facing businesses today and covers the major trends, including collaboration, supply chain metrics, technology, and segmentation.

In its report ‘Supply Chain Top 25 for 2012’ Gartner recommended organisations need to ‘improve responsiveness to customer requirements using a globally architected, regionalised approach to supply chain network design.’ Supply chain segmentation is becoming increasingly popular across the globe explains Oliver Wight Partner, Kirsty Braines: “Different customers want different things. When done correctly segmentation drives cost-efficiency, personalisation and speed to market, and improves profitability by 40%.”

In an age when consumers are becoming increasingly demanding and less loyal, having an efficient, agile and cost-effective supply chain is a necessity. Yet, Braines says many businesses are failing to achieve this and highlights people and process as major pitfalls. “Many organisations have a supply chain strategy, but lack the processes to successfully deploy it. 75% of change programmes fail because they don’t engage people. It starts at the top, the executive team has to be visibly and actively engaged in leading the programme.”

Oliver Wight have been at the forefront of business improvement for over four decades and are renowned for their Supply Chain Design and Optimization and Integrated Business Planning programmes. They count some of the world’s most recognisable brands among their clients, for whom they have helped design and develop efficient and cost-effective supply chains. 

You can download the brochure here.

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