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Oliver Wight EAME Blog

Oliver Wight Q&A: Redefining the new ‘normal’

4 August 2020

Oliver Wight Q&A: Redefining the new ‘normal’

» Read more

Big Tech: Part 3 - Achieve your full business potential with Industry 4.0

28 July 2020

In Part 3 of our Big Tech blog series Mike Snape discusses what you should consider before implementing Industry 4.0.

The workplace of the future

13 July 2020

Dawn Dent shares 6 top tips to consider when planning your future workplace and workforce. 

The transforming CPG consumer: Changes in consumer segmentation and the need to revise business strategies

7 July 2020

How are CPG consumers reacting to the coronavirus pandemic? What insights can Consumer Goods organisations use to refine their offerings? And what must leaders do now? Read more here.

Resilience in the end-to-end supply chain beyond Covid-19

24 June 2020

Flavio Pietrocola explores some of the issues supply chain teams need to resolve to build long-term resilience as we move into the ‘new normal’, post-pandemic.  

Reflections on 30 years of driving business improvements with Oliver Wight: Part 3

15 June 2020

Andrew concludes his Reflections blog series by exploring healthcare challenges, fallbacks, and lessons to be learnt.

Five reasons why your business will miss out on post COVID-19 opportunities

4 June 2020

Stuart Harman pinpoints five types of behaviour that will leave businesses unprepared for post-pandemic opportunities. 

Reflections on 30 years of driving business improvements with Oliver Wight: Part 2

1 June 2020

Andrew answers questions about changes in the world of business and explores Oliver Wight’s ability to adapt in order to help our clients combat ever-evolving obstacles.

Staying on course: Business leadership during lockdown

20 May 2020

Oliver Wight EAME CEO Les Brookes discusses the vital role of leadership in managing organisations virtually with Integrated Business Planning.

Reflections on 30 years of driving business improvements with Oliver Wight: Part 1

19 May 2020

Having spent three decades working with some of the world’s best known businesses, Oliver Wight Partner Andrew Purton knows what it takes for a company to succeed and make that success last. In Part 1 of his new blog series he reflects on some of the key changes he’s seen over the years and explores how client challenges are shifting. 

Managing cash flow and plan alignment with Integrated Business Planning

15 May 2020

Mike Snape explores why businesses are utilising Integrated Business Planning to manage cash flow.

Managing working capital and supply assets in a demand downturn

13 May 2020

In this blog, Mike Gray goes back to basics to provide his top tips for businesses experiencing a downturn as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

Managing change with Integrated Tactical Planning

6 May 2020

Dawn Howarth discusses why it’s essential for businesses to have an effective daily and weekly governance process to manage the short-term execution of plans.

Redefining the new ‘normal’: Agile responses in uncertain conditions

5 May 2020

Gary Connors provides some unconventional wisdom for businesses operating in these unusual times.

Re-aligning demand plans to reflect reality: The importance of demand assumptions in the coronavirus crisis

22 April 2020

Debbie Bowen-Heaton explores how businesses can monitor demand effectively to ensure key customers are prioritised.

Why does integrated planning remain important during the coronavirus crisis?

20 April 2020

Oliver Wight EAME's Les Brookes gives a CEO's perspective on why Integrated Business Planning is crucial in supporting businesses through turbulent times.

Sustainability and the supply chain

24 March 2020

Flavio Pietrocola explains why businesses need to look at their environmental impact to stay competitive.

Big Tech: Part 2 - Using data to address underlying issues

13 March 2020

Mike Snape, Partner at Oliver Wight EAME, explores how large organisations can use data to address underlying issues in customer experience.