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Oliver Wight EAME Blog

My inventory is impossible to manage! What do I do now?

8 December 2020

By Oliver Wight Managing Associate, Birgit Breitschuh 

Is your inventory impossible to manage? Looking for some expert advice on how to better control it? In this blog, Birgit Breitschuh offers her advice on effectively managing inventory.

» Read more

Supercharge leadership engagement of your IBP process with these 6 tips:

25 November 2020

Supercharge leadership engagement of your
IBP process with these 6 tips:

5 tips to supercharge your Integrated Business Planning (IBP) process

24 November 2020

By Les Brookes and Monte Maritz

Are business leaders ready to lead in a post-pandemic world?

22 October 2020

In this blog, Birgit Breitschuh discusses employee education, connectivity, and the importance of valuing your people in the virtual working world.

Redefine the Future

5 October 2020

By Oliver Wight CEO, Les Brookes

A new perspective: 3 reasons why CPG businesses are re-examining their end to end supply chains

15 September 2020

Birgit Breitschuh and Monte Maritz discuss the top 3 reasons why Consumer Goods organisations are reviewing their end to end supply chains now.

6 lessons the pandemic has taught us in making practical business improvements

3 September 2020

Flavio Pietrocola reveals 6 lessons for a successful adjustment to the ‘new normal’.

Meet the Team – Lucy Jacobs

10 August 2020

We chat to Lucy Jacobs, the latest Partner to join the Oliver Wight EAME team. 

Oliver Wight Q&A: Redefining the new ‘normal’

4 August 2020

Oliver Wight Q&A: Redefining the new ‘normal’

Big Tech: Part 3 - Achieve your full business potential with Industry 4.0

28 July 2020

In Part 3 of our Big Tech blog series Mike Snape discusses what you should consider before implementing Industry 4.0.

The workplace of the future

13 July 2020

Dawn Dent shares 6 top tips to consider when planning your future workplace and workforce. 

The transforming CPG consumer: Changes in consumer segmentation and the need to revise business strategies

7 July 2020

How are CPG consumers reacting to the coronavirus pandemic? What insights can Consumer Goods organisations use to refine their offerings? And what must leaders do now? Read more here.

Resilience in the end-to-end supply chain beyond Covid-19

24 June 2020

Flavio Pietrocola explores some of the issues supply chain teams need to resolve to build long-term resilience as we move into the ‘new normal’, post-pandemic.  

Reflections on 30 years of driving business improvements with Oliver Wight: Part 3

15 June 2020

Andrew concludes his Reflections blog series by exploring healthcare challenges, fallbacks, and lessons to be learnt.

Five reasons why your business will miss out on post COVID-19 opportunities

4 June 2020

Stuart Harman pinpoints five types of behaviour that will leave businesses unprepared for post-pandemic opportunities. 

Reflections on 30 years of driving business improvements with Oliver Wight: Part 2

1 June 2020

Andrew answers questions about changes in the world of business and explores Oliver Wight’s ability to adapt in order to help our clients combat ever-evolving obstacles.