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DOAG 2019 Logistik + IT

DOAG 2019 Logistik + IT

17 September 2019


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We’re excited to announce that Anne Marie Kilkenny will be hosting a joint presentation with Jochen Rahm at 11:30 at the DOAG 2019 Logistik + IT. The event is in German but our presentation will be in English:

Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), Smart Factory, Industry 4.0, Big Data, Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence (AI) - all of these are buzz words that are now everywhere, but few companies can actually take advantage of it. This presentation sheds light on the alleged trends and deals with the benefits of Integrated Business Planning.

Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, it is important to implement the digital transformation by means of a strategy that integrates all functions, by better using the right technologies. With Integrated Business Planning (IBP) - advanced Sales & Operations Planning (S & OP) - companies can best align their planning processes to the ever-changing markets and increasing customer demands in the digital age. IBP delivers the answer to the needs of today's business, timely business decisions with long-term outlook and strategy in focus - supported by available data (meaning big data) and effective scenario management.


Product and Portfolio Management: Which product and service offer will be needed in the future?

Demand Management: How do you generate the best demand in the market and in the market segments?

Supply Chain: Effective supply chain management from supplier to customer.


The integration of all functions and the supporting processes leads to a seamless management process, which the speakers will explain excitingly in addition to other relevant topics, such as personnel planning and development.

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Location: Frankfurt