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Who we work with

Oliver Wight delivers business improvement for some of the world's best-known organisations. Whatever industry you’re in – from automotive to FMCG, manufacturing to pharmaceuticals – and whatever size, single site enterprise or multi-site, global corporation, we’ll tailor our proven path to business excellence to suit your organisation, allowing you to optimise performance not just within your four walls, but up and down the extended supply chain too.


As demand accelerates, how can automotive companies balance growth, visibility, profitability, cycle times, demand and complexity in the supply chain?

Organisations must equip themselves with the right processes, tools and people to gear up for growth. Collaborative demand management will see the supplier and OEM aligning around the demand signal for greater efficiency and profitability. And Integrated Business Planning gives automotive companies a holistic view of demand and a clear vision of the future to see any gaps heading towards the business, allowing automotive companies to extract more profitable value from complex supply chains as the automotive market recovers.

Oliver Wight has helped some of the biggest automotive supply chain companies manage volatility, control working capital and optimise the demand plan including, 3M, Akzo Nobel Automotive & Aerospace Coatings, Caterpillar, CAT Logistics, Cummins, GKN, Jaguar Landrover, Schrader Electronics, Snecma Moteurs and Unilever.




With ever-changing FDA legislation, the constant challenge of complying with Goods Distribution Practices, as well as rapid global economic growth creating demand for affordable, effective products, the healthcare industry, in particular pharmaceutical companies, faces huge pressure. 

Integrated Business Planning provides the industry with the strategic perspective it needs to plan over a 36 month rolling horizon, allocating critical resources to satisfy customers in the most profitable way.  It provides new product visibility and full business integration to effectively manage product introductions resulting in increased customer service levels and growth in sales. 

For managing supply chain complexity, Oliver Wight’s Supply Chain Optimization equips pharmaceuticals with the people and processes to tackle today’s business challenges and provide strategic long-term benefits too – momentous cost savings, enormous inventory reductions and collaborative and profitable relationships throughout the extended supply chain.  It delivers value to the bottom line at the same time as improving service to the customers.

Oliver Wight has helped some of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical industry improve their business processes, including Abbott Laboratories, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Intervet UK, Merck, Novartis Consumer Health, Pfizer, Schering Plough and Mölnlycke Healthcare.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

As the private label industry sees unprecedented growth, there is an exciting opportunity for manufacturers to take advantage of major retailers’ promotional activities and steady customer demand. At the same time, FMCG companies that manufacture branded goods need to tackle fierce competition, increased manufacturing complexity, greater demand on the sales teams and the need for faster product innovation cycles.

Integrated Business Planning from Oliver Wight allows FMCG companies to fully integrate business processes over a longer planning horizon. Organisations can better manage product portfolios, optimise the demand plan, supply chain processes and break down the traditional functional silos and sub-optimised decision-making prevalent in FMCG organisations.

Oliver Wight has worked with some of the world’s leading FMCG companies: adidas Group, Avon Cosmetics, Cadbury Schweppes, Campbell Soup, Diageo Brands, General Mills, Haagen Daz, Heinz, Mars, Nampak, Nestle, Oriflame, Revlon and R J Reynolds.

To read more about our work in various industries visit our customer profile page